Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Things Are Happening!!!!

We're fresh into Week 2 of the last term (YES!!!) and already preparations for our graduation in March have begun!!

Today, we got fitted for our graduation jackets. Even though I think it's unnecessary, let's be honest - these are wayyyy better than regular ol' caps n' gowns! Plus they will have our names embroidered on them, our school's logo and the word "ALUMNUS". Awesome!

In three weeks, we have to go take graduation pictures (yes, they make us!). One group shot and an individual shot. I'm trying to come up with a good facial expression for my individual shot... Serious? Extremely excited/happy? Bored? Wise? Angry? Haha. I know, I know, one day I will look back on the pictures and be happy I have them, but right now I'm just not into it!

We sent two representatives from our group today to a graduation meeting. Word on the street is that our official graduation speaker is Emeril Lagasse!!! Weird? Yes. Cool? Yes. I feel like it's a little stereotypical, but it's cool nonetheless. I'll take it! Hopefully I'll get to meet him. I'm sure there will be about 5 "bam!"s and a few "kick it up a notch" catchphrases in his speech!

The breads class is speeding along and I got some cool pics to share, which I will post up this week, along with some leftover chocolates! I've got some time tonight to make it happen. Whew!

And tomorrow, I get to sleep in until 5am! Yay!!!

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