Monday, November 2, 2009

November Is Here!

The crisp is finally in the air... and it's getting chilly!!! Usually I hustle off to class without a jacket because my clothes are pretty thick, and it's a three minute walk to the main building. That all may be changing... classes start early and the mornings are cold! Brr! Thanks to the time change, this morning it was actually light outside when I left for class - a rarity! I'll try to enjoy it while I can.

It's the last week of chocolates class, and I'm sad about that! It has truly been a pleasure to be in this class. It is so relaxing because there are no production needs and the focus is on the process more than on the final product. I am learning so much!

Now, where did I leave off? We've made so many delicious confections in the last few days!

Ahh... Mt. Rainiers! Named after that mountain in Washington... these were so fun to make! They are under the "butter ganache" category of chocolates. The technique for putting the ganache together is similar to that of cream ganache, but it's a water-in-fat emulsion and temperatures are always important. This one took little more legwork to get it to come together just right, but the finished product was rad!

We started off by piping some discs with tempered chocolate, then placing a half of a brandied cherry on each one...

Once the ganache as made, we piped it on top to seal in the cherry. The ganache was a white chocolate butter ganache flavored with Kirschwasser. Some of our Mt. Rainiers looked more like Mt. Crumpet, the Matterhorn, or the Crag (from GUTS, one of our fav. kid action shows!).

And some looked really really nice!

The finished mountains were dipped in dark chocolate, then a little bit of white chocolate was piped on top, a little snow decor!
Eh they didn't cut so nicely, but they tasted great!

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