Friday, November 20, 2009

Pain au Chocolate

I'm really tired and totally eyeing my bed right now (so warm! so cozy!) but I just had to put this picture up because I am so stoked with how things came out today! We had a lot on our plate, so I was worried that we rushed through things instead of focusing on quality.

Check this out!
Each little pocket in that croissant once had butter in it! Croissants are made by laminating dough - folding a layer of butter inbetween dough, folding and rolling over and over again to create hundreds of layers. The butter melts in the oven, and the water in the butter evaporates into steam, pushing up each layer of the dough while it escapes - puff pastry! Before going into the oven, the dough was about an inch thick and flatflatflat. When it comes out the oven, it is a completely different animal. Amazing!!!

We stuck little chocolate sticks inside the dough and wrapped it up. It's a special kind of chocolate with a low amount of cocoa butter, so it doesn't melt too much in the oven. Tastes delicious!

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