Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grand Buffet Breads-Style!

The Grand Buffet went off without a hitch today! And I am soo glad it is done! It opens up at 11am, which meant we needed to have everything set up by 10:30am, which also meant that we all needed to show up at . . . 5am.

In addition to making some great products for this big day every block, we have to present them in an effective and attractive manner. With the chocolates display, we borrowed some dummy cakes from the cakes class. For this display, we had to make our own decorative pieces out of "dead" dough (it has no yeast). We colored it with natural colorings (tumeric, cayenne, cocoa, etc), rolled it out, shaped it, and let it dry out overnight. It is super stable!

Our theme was "THANKSGIVING", so we did:

A Native American headdress:

A pilgrim's hat:

And some moccasins and shoes:

We put out three tables' worth of bread in baskets, on peels, and in bowls. Sliced. Whole. Small. Large! It was fun.

Conchas: a Mexican sweet roll with a crunchy cookie topping.

Mini baguettes!

Mini Ciabatta!

Another decorative piece:
Mini Multigrain!
Cherry Chocolate Sourdough... and a tiny hedgehog.
We also had our final today after class. It gets old having a final every three weeks! I'm constantly reviewing and studying! Tomorrow we are arriving in the bakeshop early again to prepare the breads in time for the graduation. Can't wait to be done with this class! I've enjoyed breads, but I'm ready for the next class!

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