Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'll Always Be... a California Girl

My time in California was like a vacation, but I definitely had to do a little bit of work. I'd packed up everything I owned 5 years ago the first time I moved, and put it into storage. It was time to take it out and decide it if it was all worth keeping! I think I reduced it by 2/3, giving away and throwing away a lot of what I no longer needed/wanted. It felt good, but it took me a long time! I finally got all my photos in some semblance of order and organized everything else. Whew!

And what else did I get to do? Well, I went surfing a handful of times with some old friends and my dad. It felt sooo good to get back in the water, even if it was a little chilly. Here's a shot from San-O:

I had the chance to go up and spend some time with my aunts, cousins, and uncle. It was a quick but nice getaway, and they are so much fun!
My Maid n' Matron of Honor threw me a bridal shower as well! It was a bit early, but I wouldn't be back in California before the wedding, so the timing was perfect. I loved having the opportunity to be able to celebrate with the women in my life, like my aunts, mom, and good friends!

Check out these cuuuuute centerpieces my crafty momma made!
My lovely MOHs!
Me and my mom :)
Since I had so much time on my hands, I decided to take advantage and get a couple of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects done for our wedding. One of them was our invitations. We decided that purchasing a kit was easier and cheaper, so I got everything printed out and ready to be addressed, which I'll do in a few months. I feel so relieved that that is done!

I made these cute glass bead tacks to hold the escort cards at our reception using tacks, scrapbook paper, glue, and glass beads. It was easy and fun! Plus we can re-use them after the wedding.

The cake topped I purchased did not look like me (and yes, it is hard to find an interracial cake topper couple out there that looks like me and K!) so I decided to just make her blonde! After a few coats of paint and some glossy spray, I am satisfied with the results. AND these are salt and pepper shakers, so we can use them after! The cardboard letters were painted "patina" and will go on the cake table. I'm excited!
Lastly, by random fortune, I had the opportunity to meet up and have breakfast with some of my good girlfriends from college, in California! We are all from here, and a few of us moved back and some were just visiting. It was fun!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Has it really been that long since my last post?

Well, I still have a few snapshots to share from my Roadtrip USA with my mom. We made it home safely, with no major mishaps or breakdowns, and we didn't kill each other (haha!). We made some great memories together after 8 days on the road! And we got her home in time to celebrate 30 years of marriage with my dad, yay!

Here we go:
Testing out the claim that "White Castle is the best" - NOT! My tastebuds have ruled that In-N-Out still takes 1st place.

One of my favorite things about visiting new places is the chance to try local foods/drinks. Here in Galena, IL, my mom and I stopped in at a restaurant that attempted to serve only local things. We both gave the Galena Beer a try - tasty!
Our super cute B&B in Galena, IL. Loved it! The hosts were nice with a good mix of not being too overbearing, but not too cold. It had a lot of character and we got great sleep!
No trip to the midwest is complete with a stop at Cracker Barrel. Omaha, Nebraska.
Boredom in Kansas. I'd picked up some Bubble Tape and went to work.
What is in central Kansas, you ask? Not much.
Well, this deserted little town holds the worlds largest ball o' sisal twine. It smelled funny.
After staying in Dodge City, KS, we quickly left (it seemed sketchy) and headed west!
Colorado brought more snow and I had to navigate my way safely through two mountain passes which weren't exactly clear of snow. Then we came upon this lovely flock of sheep. Nice!
A few more rounds through the mountain passes (so beautiful!)...
And we made it safely to our B&B - a comfy warm lodge where we each had our own rooms and fireplaces! I loved this - so warm!
Pagosa Springs, CO. WHAT A VIEW!
We had a short stay in Flagstaff, AZ and then continued on west for the last leg of our trip. This sign never looked so good!
And this landmark truly welcomed us home! :)
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