Thursday, October 15, 2009

Practical Cake & the Super Grand Buffet

At my school, we have two "big" practicals we have to pass in order to move on/graduate. The 2nd term involved a cake, a puff pastry apple strip, and pastry cream-filled eclairs. The 5th term practical is about six weeks away (whoa!) and it doesn't look as scary this time around, for some reason. Could it be that I am more confident in my skills? More comfortable making timelines/gameplans? Sure, sure. The components for this practical exam are: chocolate truffles, challah bread, and two raspberry mousse cakes.

The thing I don't like is that we only get one chance in a class to make the cake. We did it this week, and it really didn't seem so bad. After making and presenting them, Chef W deemed them all "passing" with some work to do to get a better score. Fine by me! He said that the recipe has really been manipulated to show all defaults if you don't do things correctly. Greeeeeeaaaat.

We have to make two cakes, leave one whole and cut a slice out of the other. Here's my cake:
I definitely need work dividing a cake into six portions, because mine was definitely off center! I also forgot to take a picture after I placed some chocolate plaques on the side. Those decor pieces are surprisingly easy too.
Today was Grand Buffet... ahh! I got to class at 5:15 am to help Chef W out with setting our classroom up and getting things proofed. My partner and I made these beauties:
They're called Bamboloni and are Italian Doughnuts, found on streetcarts early in the morning, filled with all kinds of jams and creams. We filled ours with pastry cream and raspberry jam. Yum yum! It's a sweet brioche dough that's proofed and fried on both sides then sugared and filled!

We also made these:
Fruit tarts with pastry cream and an apricot glaze. A simple dessert that highlights good tart shell-making skillz.. These better be good! They took us about 4 hours to make. Argh!

Here's a nice picture of our team display at the Grand Buffet... pretty sweet!!!
And a picture of the chefs :)
This also happened to me:
Chocolate shiny glaze looking not-so-shiny on my jacket. Yeaaaaaahhhhh.......That's not coming out :(

Last day of the block tomorrow!!! Woohoo!!! I'm so ready for this class to be over and for a three day weekend. I need a break!


Patti MacLeith said...

THAT's gonna leave a MARK. But everything else was elegantly beautiful and makes my mouth water--even the donuts!!

Aubs said...

thanks! they are really light and small of course, with not too much filling.
I put shout and used a bleach pen on the chocolate, and bleached the jacket to no avail :(

Your FSIL said...

what i want to know is, are people at your school enormous, or does the siren call of the cakes die down after you've actually labored for four hours over a tart?

and regarding your lakeke (coat)--bring it here for Thanksgiving. We can tie-dye it, and you can wear it on Halloweens. :)

and speaking of Thanksgiving--my small group is meeting the Wednesday before for our second annual pie-fest. we'll gather in a too-small kitchen and churn out a bunch of pies. you should put that on your agenda. bring the boy if you can--a highlight last year was photographing all the dudes in the kitchen, hands floured, foreheads sweaty, slaving over pie crusts...

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