Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Maine Adventure Pt. 2

Throughout our journey, I was just continually amazed at all the cool trees and colors! Autumn is a beautiful season, and totally made this trip worthwhile. We came at the perfect time. I kept pointing out trees, saying, "Ooh look, that's a good one!"
My friend and I had done a little bit of research for our trip, some done at the local B&N. I flipped through a book titled "500 Best Scenic Drives in the US" (or something to that effect). For Maine, the book recommended taking Route 1 up the coast. I expected it to be somewhat like Pacific Coast Highway, but it wasn't actually on the coast. It was really scenic, took far longer than Hwy 295, but was worth it! That was how we found the beach in NH as well as Ogunquit Beach in Maine. We also passed through several cute little towns and villages (even smaller than towns!) which made the drive fun.

Once we got to Portland, Maine, we did a little driving tour I'd looked up. In 2 hours, you can drive around and see 6 lighthouses. These were all cool! There were 3 that we couldn't walk up to (on private property or out in the water) but they were all fun to see and fun to think about...

Here's a view of Two Lights beach park...
And one of the many lighthouses we saw...
Can you see my friend waving? :) To get to this lighthouse, we had to drive through a community college campus - so lucky they have that location! It would be so fun to study and bask in the sun on this rock jetty between classes!
This little one was called "Bug Light". At this port, a lot of people were enlisted to make emergency ships really fast for WWII.
After we finally made it to our cheapy hotel in Brunswick, Maine, we took a good hour nap (we were pooped!), then got ready and headed to dinner. Turns out my friend's cousin had lived in Brunswick (it's really small, so that is very random!). She gave us a recommendation on where to eat dinner: Cook's Lobster House. It was 11 miles from our hotel and we had to drive across two little islands to get there, but it was sooo cool!! It was on a little harbor and was casual but a bit expensive.

Since we were in Maine, I just had to get lobster! Or "lobsta" as they pronounce it there. This poor guy never had a chance.
I guess lobsta stuffed with breadcrumbs is popular here - I've never had it that way! It smelled fresh and tasted like I was eating the ocean! Wow! This guy was a lot of work, but I did my best to get the most meat I could out of the claws and tail.
The next morning, we woke up early and attempted to catch the sunrise, which I have never seen from the Atlantic Ocean. My fiance and I like to watch the sunrise and sunset in Hawai'i whenever we get the chance. It was nice to see it from a different place. This was as much color as we got because it was really overcast!
It was reeeeeeaaaaallly cold....
...but I loved taking in the sights and salty smells here!
Bailey's Island is so pretty. We meandered around the island, taking little side roads and exploring. There were lots of docks with lobster traps/cages and the houses were all really cute.
We had planned to stop in New Hampshire on the way back to do some giant corn maze, but it was pouring rain! Once we got to Epping, New Hamphsire, I gasped because I noticed that the raindrops had turned into big fat snowflakes! It was beautiful. As we drove, the snow got thicker and it looked like we were inside a giant snowglobe - so pretty! Fortunately the snow wasn't sticking to the road, but it did create a little bit of traffic.
The snow lasted until we got to Connecticut, where it turned back into rain. I like snow, but I don't like the cold. Hopefully we'll have a few more weeks of bearable weather here in NY before winter sets in!

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