Monday, October 26, 2009

Maine Adventure Pt. 1

Our journey began at 2am! We'd rented a car and wanted to get to Maine early enough in the day to see everything we could see. From NY, it's a lovely 7ish hour drive. We cut through Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire to add to our "visited states" list (and according to my friend, you've "been" there if you've put your feet down, so we did it!). As a side note... I've now been to 29 states and I want to go to all 50 before I turn 50! I think I can make that happen :)

I love roadtrips! And how could anyone not when you get to see beautiful things like this:

Can you believe that this is NEW HAMPSHIRE???? I had no idea it was so beautiful up here! I guess I always thought East Coast beaches were rather trashy... I was so wrong!

We ended up finding this beach (Wallis Sands) by randomly following a road sign that said "Beach: 1.5 miles---->" Since I was driving, I definitely wanted to take that right! I miss the ocean, so I couldn't resist taking a peek. I'm so glad I did!
This scene of trees was right across from the beach - so weird to see the ocean and then turn and see lots of fall colors. It was super frigid out (a cool 35 degrees) and we saw a whole grip of surfers checking the waves and driving around with their boards throughout New England. Brave souls!
This shot looks like the typical "East Coast Beach" shot for a calendar, eh? Ogunquit Beach, Maine.
I was a happy camper with the ocean breeze in my face! :)
Check out this cute ride! We got 36 miles to the gallon. Not too shabby!
More to come!

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