Friday, September 4, 2009

L-Block: Completed!

Yesterday and today I finished up my finals for my four classes. My school sets up classes in a "block" format. Each kitchen class is three weeks long and academic classes are six weeks long (argh!). Also, the blocks are letters of the alphabet. So I have just finished L block! Whew!

It was a long, frustrating six weeks. The grades will slowly be coming in, and I'm hoping to get all A's (95-100%) and hopefully no A-'s (90-94% - lame!). One of my finals was EXTREMELY RIDICULOUS! We were up in arms over some of the questions which asked things that were never covered in class, that you would have to know from personal experience. One question had "Ruth's Chris Steak House" as a multiple choice answer. I went up and told the professor I'd never been to this place, so how could I have a fair shot at this question? He gave me some bogus answer. There was also a math question. I sat and figured it out and it was an easy question, hands down. But the correct answer was NOT LISTED! I went up to him and told him this, and he said I should be able to figure it out because I had learned it in math class. It was sooo frustrating! He had several people come up and ask him the same question, so I think something was wrong there! If I don't get a good grade on that test, I am demanding to see what I got wrong and also going to the dean to get it straightened out. We also weren't given the opportunity to write an evaluation of this professor (like we have done for every other) and it is totally necessary this time around.

The other three finals were easy - it's easy when you know it! I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend, shedding the business casual clothes for good, and getting prepared and EXCITED to get back in the kitchen next week. On to the FUN classes!!!


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