Thursday, September 24, 2009

Individual Cake: Pt. 1

Man, today was intense!!! Everything took way longer than I had anticipated!

I got to the bakeshop early to get everything set up and gather all my equipment. Thankfully, my buttercream worked out. I started off trimming all my cakes, slicing them in three layers each and soaking them with some simple syrup. I colored the frosting in varying shades of green, frosted each layer, trimmed the sides, crumb coated 'em and put the final layer on. I wasn't happy with the finished product, but I had to make do!

I thought all that trimming and frosting bizness was only going to take me 1 hour. It took me 1 hr and 45 minutes. !!! I forgot I was doing three cakes, not just one!

I quickly got on making the flowers. I busted out ten plumerias fairly quickly, then moved onto the hibiscus petals. So frustrating! Lunch break. Then I made a sea grape lei with gumpaste and floss (yes, floss!) in about 25 minutes! I had to work fast to finish before the time limit.

Tomorrow is looking like assembly, painting the flowers and decorating! Hopefully I can finish up in 3 hours! I can't believe it is the last day already! Whew!

Work today was AWESOME!!! I am finally on a long-term project! I started it on Tuesday, gathering info for a proposal for a new book. Today, I brought that outline up to the editorial publishing manager and she said "You did this? All this?" YESSSSS!!!! Well, it's not hard when it's baking stuff! So now I am set to work on the project, gathering information and doing research. So cool! It is making me think about baking in a totally different way, especially when trying to inform readers and make it visually pleasing. Then, we had a BROWNIE tasting! Peanut butter swirl! Woot! Then my two supervisors said "We need to have a morale booster. Coloring contest!" Haha - these two girls I work with are so cool - hilarious and funny. It made my day!

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