Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Point in the Book

Today was a "finishing" day. We had the entire morning to work on finishing our in-class projects. Luckily, I only had the gumpaste spray o' flowers to finish up, so I took my time, painted up the last petal on my lily, taped everything up and got it graded! Chef C said my floral taping was so good - I could be a professional florist.

I'll think about it.

The six-petal lily. I colored the gumpaste yellow, and painted red powder on the petals. A delicate monster!

My finished spray o' flowers:

Thin two-colored ribbons with perforated edges. I loved the color contrast!
Hyacinth, hydrangea and stephanotis; ivy leaves. Easy to whip up in a few seconds as "filler" flowers:
Calla Lilies:
I also had to whip up a big batch of some buttercream frosting in preparation for our individual cakes later on this week. Easy peasy! Still thinking about what flavoring to add... Suggestions?

Tonight was our last night of piping homework. YES! I am pretty tired of devoting 45+ minutes a night to this and having to carry it carefully to class. Not my best, but took a picture anyway. It's a good example of all the different styles/techniques out there.
My partner and I are all geared up for our team cake! We will do as much as we can tomorrow and finish it up on Wednesday. Hopefully it turns out good enough to be picked and featured in the Grand Buffet on Thursday. That'd be rad! Chef C assigned us a cool-looking retro cake - 4 tiers of fondant, circles n' roses. I hope we have fun . . .

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Patti MacLeith said...

So pritay! They look perfect!

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