Thursday, August 13, 2009


I took my first-ever yoga class on Monday. Our school has a pretty sweet recreation center, and being in the "great" Northeast, everything is indoors. Pool. Gym. Track. Basketball courts. Racquetball courts (fun!). Bleh. With the exception of two tennis courts which I have yet to try. There's also a cafe attached where we eat on the weekends because it is the only thing open. There's a small gameroom, a few couches, and locker rooms for men and women, sauna included!

The school offers a few different fitness classes a week with outside instructors they've hired. Some of my classmates were going to the yoga one and I decided I'd tag along and see what it was all about.


That's pretty much what I got out of it. I wasn't about to meditate in my mind, or mentally "thank my body for what it has done for me" blah blah blah. Then there are all the weird pose names. "Awkward pose" ? "Child's pose"? I wonder who came up with those.

I have to say that I enjoyed it and it was a challenge. I can definitely see how it can help athletes improve. For me, maybe it would increase my flexibility and help with balance when it comes to surfing. I know it strengthens your core and helps prevent injuries too. Not bad. Even though it is a little tough, there is literally no sweating involved and no increased heart rate or anything, so I'm not sure I'd count it as part of my exercise. It's good for the stretching aspect though!

Someday, maybe I will try Bikram yoga. Hot yoga, anyone?

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