Friday, August 14, 2009

Press Release!!!

One of my fellow co-workers/externs alerted me to a just-published review of the restaurant where we did our externship!

I was extremely stoked to read that the restaurant has been received well and is continuing to grow and push boundaries. I'm also very happy for the chef/owner! Good for him.

Check out the article here.

Please note the sunflower in one of the pictures - planted by me!

picture of it as a baby:
Also towards the end, the externs are mentioned :) Subtly famous! Apparently we "all have futures". Good to know, because I'd hate to think I didn't have one. Haha!


Patti MacLeith said...

WHEW! Glad to know you have a future, I was worried about that! Haha! Great jorb Aubrey! Love you!

ELDON said...

congrats on the write up!

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