Sunday, August 9, 2009

In Preparation

Tomorrow brings the first round of quizzes and the week brings a final and a project due. Already, yes! I haven't been feeling well (head cold), so I spent a lot of Friday and Saturday resting in bed, watching movies and reading for fun. It's times like these when I have to listen to my body telling me to stop and take it easy! Normally I am such a go-go-go person; it is hard to stop and do nothing (in fact, it drives me crazy!). First thing's first tomorrow I will be getting out and running or doing something active. Three days of resting is getting tough!

I picked up a peach and this basket of strawberries up at the farmers market this morning. It's been a gloomy day but I think I needed a little bit of California reminiscence to lift my spirits. These strawberries are grown in a valley close by, and since they're not "California Strawberries",  I had very low expectations. I just ate a few, and they're not too bad! A little tart but still delicious.

On to some work!

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