Monday, August 24, 2009

Real Music

I love YouTube. It has to be one of the greatest things about the Internet. Today I was bored and had some free time, so I did a little music video watching. As a kid, VH1 and MTV were just coming out, and once they both got rolling, my parents wouldn't let us watch it. I "missed" a lot of music videos that my friends all saw on TRL. Obviously I am fine, I am alive, and I didn't die from not seeing them. But they are SUPER interesting now!

Today my music videos of choice were from 1976. Random and before I was born, yes! But after watching a few, I started to get nostalgic and miss "real" music.

Modern times brought about the "music artist". Most of these I wouldn't even call that. What happened to writing and playing your own original music?! Having a real band? Tambourines, pianos, a horn section, and imagine someone playing a guitar and harmonica at once! That is true talent.

I think people today are lazy. They want to get by just on their voice, and sometimes that isn't even good. They get someone else to write the "hit", if you can even call it that! Sometimes I can't stand pop music, and other times it just fills an annoying gap in my head.

With that said, I hope younger generations pick up instruments and get some real talent. Give us the real music!

Here's some fun videos to help you get through your Monday. Love the hair!

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Bob Sanchez said...

So, Patti...was Pete Cetera a sex symbol? Cause I'm not buyin' it based on that video and that hairdo!

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