Friday, July 31, 2009

Learning Fun Ahead!

The weekend is here!

Already I have had each class one time. They are all looking very promising!

Management - more of what I already know, but a good review.

Menus - we will create our own menu using help from the professor. Our first project is to research demographics of an area that we are already familiar with and hope to open an eatery. My partner and I are researching Honolulu. We have to also develop a menu and pretend to show all our findings to an investor (the professor). So far, so good!

Restaurant law - I have a feeling I am going to enjoy this class very much, even though it will be difficult! We only get a pass/no pass option for the class. The professor talks EXTREMELY fast; it is so hard to keep up with him! It's a small class but he chooses to use a microphone and portable speaker - old school! He is a retired lawyer and really sounds like he knows his stuff. I will have to spend a lot of time reviewing the materials until I know all the ins and outs of the laws. Interesting!

Controlling costs and purchasing - class went slow today as we did introductions and looked over a profit and loss statement. This is something I am already familiar with, thanks to my many accounting classes (I took two, twice. haha) and business classes. Compared to business calculus and statistics, I think I will really have an easier time in this class! I do not normally enjoy math, but when we are talking FOODMATH, it seems to click a lot easier with me.

Nutrition - the professor is enthusiastic and that is always a good thing! Even on the first day, a lot came back to mind from the Food Science Health Nutrition class I took early last year. I'm hoping to enjoy and take a lot of information from this class. I didn't enjoy the one I took last year because it was more from a medical perspective. This one now is totally from a culinary perspective. Yes!!

Already I have a lot of reading and some problems to work on. Thankfully the weekend is long and days are uneventful here, so I will have a great deal of time to work on everything.

Looking forward to finishing up my latest book: Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill.

Aloha Friday!

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