Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Day of School

Back to school . . . means wearing business casual clothes again (really, not so bad! every school should have this dress code) . . . getting measured for new uniforms (yay!) . . . and NEW BOOKS!

Anyone else love the smell of a new book? I sure do. Well, I also enjoy the smell and feel of a really, really old book that has obviously been loved and worn well. I hope that is what happens with these books. Obviously, I found most of my books in business school to be helpful and interesting, but I never loved them the way I do now with my baking books. (I know for a fact that I burned a few math books and accounting books at a campfire.. hehe ooh colored fire!)

We received a large box o' books yesterday and I tore into them with much gusto . . . Nutrition for Foodservice and Culinary Professionals . . . Chocolates & Confections . . . BREAD: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes . . . Principles of Food, Beverage, and Labor Control Costs . . . Management By Menu . . . Remarkable Service . . .  Supervision in the Hospitality Industry . . . and Gluten-Free Baking! What exciting titles! Oh, the things I will learn!!!

These next two semesters are going to be absolutely wonderful in terms of what I will be learning. From here on out, it is all specialization. We have learned the basics and techniques. We got experience out in the industry, and now we will learn the nitty-gritty on specific items. Yes!

But first, before we get in the kitchen, we have a lovely 6 weeks ahead of us of bookwork and lecture classes. I have Intro to Management, Menu Development, Controlling Costs and Purchases, Nutrition, and Restaurant Law. They all look to be good. 

Now to get a head start on that homework . . .


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what's a textbook fire? I want one!!!!!!!!!!!

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