Thursday, May 14, 2009

Days Off

I really appreciate days off more after I have done a lot of overtime at work. Lately the work weeks have been flying by! Seriously, we have been crazy-busy for the last five weekends because of all these festivals and special holidays. First it was French Quarter Fest, then Jazz Fest for two weekends, last weekend was Mother's Day, and now we have Graduation Weekend coming up. Yay? I am just happy to be working, making money, and getting through this semester. Honestly, how can I complain about work when so many people are out there looking for any job they can lay their hands on?!

My two days off this week were reserved for rest and relaxation. Usually, I'd use one of the days to do a touristy thing. I made it a goal to do one fun activity a week, giving me something to look forward to and ensuring that I wouldn't miss out on all that New Orleans/LA/the South has to offer.

Monday I met up with two female co-workers and we got chair massages and smoothies. It was just so nice to have a little bit of girl time and we hardly talked about work at all! After they left (to go work), I got a pedicure. That is like a HUGE luxury for me. I can count the times I've gotten them. . . it's just a nice way to pamper myself. Manicures are out of the question since I'd wreck them asap at work.

Today I walked to get my groceries, did some reading (The World To Come by Dara Horn - great so far!) out on my front stoop, and went and saw a movie with my roommate. It was "Sin Nombre", a little independent film in Spanish with English subtitles. I love movies like that, and I love being able to practice my listening skillz....I can tell when the translation isn't quite right or missing something and makes me feel good! Like I'm in on a joke or something. The movie itself was kinda depressing (senseless gang killings and no happy ending) but I enjoyed the cinematography and music a lot. Pretty good for $5!

I am getting increasingly happy that I will be leaving here soon. I actually got a little sad though, knowing I'd have to sell my bike. We have become quite attached and it has been a great way to get around!

6 weeks of work... 41 days until I go home, and 45 until I see the love of my life and get a little vaca time with one of my best friends! How can life not be great?!

As I wind down the time here, I will need to get some quality work done on my weekly assignments for school (a pain!), make travel arrangements to leave, and I'll be doing some reflecting on my time here. All good things.

What do you think of the new layout? I wanted something simpler and clean.

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Very cool page look!

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