Friday, May 1, 2009


Another busy weekend! Last night at work I suffered my first "professional" cooking burn. Up to this point, I've been very careful about not burning myself.. but these things always happen as an accident so there's not much I could do!

I ended up full-on grabbing a hot pan handle, and it hurt so bad!!! It brought tears to my eyes, but of course I had to hold it in because I was at work. AND I just had to suck it up and keep going. About ten minutes later after the rush was over, I asked one of the chefs if we had any burn cream, which attracted the notice of everyone in the kitchen. Everyone was very unsympathetic (thanks, guys!). They pretty much just told me to suck it up. Growing pains. Hah. I just wanted to something to put on it so it wouldn't get worse and/or hurt more later!

One co-worker was nice though. He leaned over and said, "When that happens to me, I just put two gloves on my hand for the rest of the shift. Kinda protects it." That was soo nice, and a constructive suggestion which really worked.

Unfortunately I have to work the rest of the weekend, so I hope the burn doesn't start hurting more. It's on the inside of two fingers, my thumb, and part of my palm. Yeow! At least that part won't leave a scar!

Today is May Day aka Lei Day in Hawai'i! I've been missing California and Hawai'i sooo much lately! I see reminders everywhere too. Well, just 8 more weeks and then I'll be home :) I'm so happy that it is another month already. Yes!

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Patti said...

I am sooooo sorry! You really need an email link so I can know these things right away!

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