Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bananas Foster French Toast

Grab pan.
Put fosters sauce in pan.
Cut up 7 slices of banana, add to pan.
Put pan on heat.
Cut 1-inch slice of brioche, cut off crust.
Put 1-oz clarified butter in large pan.
Dip bread in french toast batter, place in pan.
Run to freezer, grab vanilla ice cream. 
Run back.
Flip french toast.
Grab bowl from plate warmer, put on station.
Put some sauce in bottom of bowl.
Put french toast in bowl.
Run to dish station to dump pan.
Run back.
Add bananas and rest of sauce.
Add 5 candied walnuts.
Scoop two scoops vanilla ice cream, place on top.
Shake powdered sugar on top of two fried plantains in "w" shape, place on top of ice cream.
Add mint leaf.
"Order up French Toast!"
Time: 3 minutes.


Bob Sanchez said...

Holy Mackerel, that's delicious! And, that's work!

Nelly said...


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