Friday, May 22, 2009

Beets Me

Our work schedule for the week is posted on Sunday nights. I sauntered over and checked it out. "Whaaaaat?!" I said to myself. Wednesday I was scheduled to work the Garde Manger station. Fortunately, I had been working the "wall" station a lot lately, so I knew how to plate all the dishes. The only thing I was really worried about was being on it alone and having to do all the prep work.

Wednesday came: the day of reckoning. I realized that here I had clearly crossed over into the culinary realm, away from my sugary goods. :( I barely got everything set up by 5:30pm and then the mad rush began. It wasn't a particularly busy night, but it felt like it to me. Somehow, time zipped by and it was already 8pm (yeah!). 

I ended up making it through the whole service without crying, dying, or having a heart attack . . . not like I thought that was going to happen! But I got by with a little help from my friends/co-workers.

Ahh the insurmountable beet salad, in all it's beety glory, took the cake for my night. It actually was NOT that bad, although I got a lot of orders, and I rather enjoyed adding the beautiful/magical beet foam.

doesn't it look so fun?!

I realized that I am also on a different planet from my co-workers when it comes to what's running through my head at work. I pointed to the unfinished beet salad and asked one of the chefs, "Do you know why the diced beets are so happy?" He shook his head.

I answered, "Look, they're getting barreled!" 
He looked at me like I was an alien... "Especially the ones in the back, they're in it pretty deep." Haha. Finally he got what I was talking about and walked away laughing.

So my mind is always on surfing/the ocean. Not bad. But I'd think I'm one of the few who looks at this salad and thinks of something completely different than the beets.

Then again... beets always make me think of a time when my older brother grabbed up a bunch of beets at the salad bar at Souplantation, tasted them thinking they were sliced/canned cranberry sauce and then spit them back out into the salad bar. It was HILARIOUS (you had to be there). I seriously thought we might get kicked out for that.

Totally true: beets remind me of surfing and my bro. Awesome.


Patti said...

Ooooooooh!! We just told the beet story at Napa Rose Cooking school! Greg and Diana thought it was hilarious!

Bob Sanchez said...

I don't care how magical that foam is, I'd spit that out, too!

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