Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wedding Update

We only have... 1 year, 5 months, 3 weeks and 2 days to go until our wedding! I know, it is f o r e v e r away but there is a lot to be done. 

So far we have:
  • Set our date (10-9-10)
  • Reserved our church
  • Picked the colors
My mom made these awesome and cute sample cards for the colors I hope to have. They are "patina", brown and gold. The wedding will be mostly white with all those colors being used as various accents.

I found these cute tiny pictures from Hawai'i at an antique store. I'm hoping to use them in the save-the-date invites or something. Not sure yet but they are cool!

Our possible reception site?

Just for fun :)

I'm also putting together a planning website to gather ideas and I joined a discussion board. Haha. I love technology!


Quyen said...

Aww... I have to admit, wedding planning IS entertaining; I kinda wish I was working on mine still, but looking at your ideas is neat!

And I had no idea so much work went into being a chef! It sounds really exciting and fun :)

Bob Sanchez said...

So my powder blue tux is OK, right? Goes with "patina," right?

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