Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today marks my official halfway point!!!

  • I am halfway done with my externship/time in New Orleans!
  • I am halfway done with culinary school! (in the middle of semester #3 out of 5!)
  • I am halfway done with doing long distance with my fiancé!
Wow, the time has really flown by. Just a year ago last month, I had applied and received word that I got into culinary school. My world got rocked because their opening dates weren't what I had hoped for (either too early or too late). I am sooo glad I just sucked it up and went with the earlier start date.

Now I find myself at the top of what I thought was an insurmountable mountain. Back then, it had looked like the time away from paradise was going to take forever (and for certain moments it has). I've kept my head down and worked hard, concentrating on each day and moving forward. I guess that's why the time seems to have gone by quickly. I've quickly rounded second base and I am pumping to get home!

50% down and done; 50% left to go. I've still got the energy, drive and desire to finish what I started. Then I get to join the real world, in paradise of course :) I can't wait to see what these next 10 months have in store for me! Lots of lessons to be learned, I'm sure!

I've been doing a lot on my days/nights off here lately, trying to enjoy the amazing weather we've been having. I'll have a lot to post about in the upcoming days!

 Stay close!

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