Sunday, December 13, 2009

An Award and Graduation Pictures

Before I get to the award... ("it's a major award!")

Last week we had to take our graduation pictures. Seems waayyyyy early, but whatever!!! We took all our individual headshots (very awkward!) and got to pick the one we wanted right there on the computer! For some reason they make us a take a picture with our arm curled around a toque?? That is everyone's least-favorite part of our uniform (besides the neckerchief) so why in the world would we want a picture with it?! No idea.

While we were waiting for everyone's individual shots, a few of us headed outside to take some candid shots, like this one! (photo courtesy of German Giraldo)

Look, we're ankle deep in snow!!! Then we had to take our group pictures... outside! It was freezing cold, in the 30s, windy, and we didn't have our overcoats on, just these fancy blue ones. Hope our faces don't look like we're freezing! We'll get the pictures a week before graduation and maybe I'll think about distributing them to family members... haha!

And now the award! I got a call from Financial Aid last week, and thought "Uh-oh, what happened?" because they wanted me to come into the office. I did and found out that I am getting an award! I had the highest GPA going into the 5th term, making me the official recipient of the President's Scholarship! It's a cash prize :) and I have to accept it in front of the next batch of new students in January, make a little acceptance speech and inspire them to study hard and go big! Kinda cool :) Never thought I'd get money for being smart! That's working hard and getting paid for it!

Well, it JUST started snowing right now, gonna go enjoy it! May be my last until January since I'm going somewhere warmer for the holidays!

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