Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Under Pressure

Big Daddy aka Chef B comes home today from his looong vacation. I have to say that it has been incredibly nice without him there! We've been productive and it has felt so relaxed in the kitchen during the dinner service. Ahhh it's been  like a vacation for us too almost!

I am interested to hear all the crazy ideas he has picked up from the various locations he's staged at, and I am sure that there are going to be very very many.

In preparation for his return, a few of us came in early this morning (6am!) to do some deep cleaning. This was fun, and not fun. Not fun because some things will just never come clean. We had everything pulled out of our dry storage closet and had to pull all the shelves away by the dish area, scrub everything and pressurewash! The pressurewasher was the most fun! It is so cool. If I had the opportunity, I would definitely own one, and maybe go around pressurewashing people's houses or something. Wash the dirt away!

I am tying up loose ends here and I cannot believe that I have one week left! I've changed my address with the post office and am in the beginnings of cleaning out things I don't need to take with me. Soon the pictures will be off the walls, things will go into my suitcases, and I will be on my way!

The pressure is building to finish up my modules. Lame! I have to force myself to sit down and work on them. I only have a few things more to do, I need to print them out, and print out my pictures as well. Yay! I'm hoping to turn it in either tomorrow or Friday.


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