Thursday, January 5, 2012

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I've let my blog spot go to waste because I have been too busy to sit down and spend time on my computer! The last half of the year is pretty hectic at work, and I'm thankful for that. I'd rather be busy and in over my head than have to scrounge around for things to do.

Usually, January - April is a slower time at work and I don't have any pressing things to do at home so I have more free time. I've resisted the Pinterest fad for a looong time, but finally gave in and I am hooked like so many others! There are some great crafty ideas out there. I've already "pinned" some new recipes to try, some date ideas, and ideas to save for the far off future. It is pretty cool. I also stumbled across a blog post that inspired me to start blogging again! So, enjoy.

current book(s)
I'm on a "re-read everything I own" kick in an effort to save money (and avoid paying my overdue fees at the library...eep!). I just finished re-reading Fahrenheit 451. Next up will be To Kill a Mockingbird. I just love that book and am excited to read it again!

current playlist
Foster the People, the Temper Trap, Iration, The Black Keys, and Tyrone Wells

current color
"natural". I can't have nail polish on at work, but I do paint some on when I have days off! I'm currently on a subtle sparkly gold kick.

current food
fuji apples with a bit of natural peanut butter

current favorite show
none - we don't have cable and I'd rather read!

current #1 blessing
This guy, of course!

current needs
keep cleaning up our apartment! it was clean for new year's but then I started all these organizing/decorating projects and it got a little cluttered again :P

current excitement 
new projects in the works!

current mood

current indulgence
I dropped the Starbucks habit and now make my (cheap!) iced mochas at home with this bad boy:

current triumph(s)
my friend Kristen and I climbed Koko Crater yesterday. It was my first "hard" workout of 2012. Champs!

current bane of my existence

current #1 item on your wishlist
a new water bottle. I bought K one for Christmas and it's so awesome, I want one too!
Hydro Flask Insulated 40 oz.

current new years goals
-get into a healthier lifestyle. we indulged a bit too much last year!
-continue with last year's goal of being more generous with my time, talents and money
-open up my Etsy store by the end of January (look out!)
-be a more thoughtful gift giver
-keep in better touch with my family and friends on the mainland
-do devotions with my husband once a week
-pay off my car early as planned. only a few more months to go!
-grow some edibles in our mini garden. last year I was still figuring things out back there.

Well that was fun!

I've also been doing some "home improvement" stuff lately (mostly organizing) and tons of fun cookie projects, so I'll be posting them... soon!


Marnely Rodriguez-Murray said...

Glad to have you back!

Patti MacLeith said...

I love it all! You are going to have a terrific year!

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